9 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Secret POTHEADS

Standing Tall.
  1. Martin Freeman. The Sherlock and The Hobbit star cannot keep his little mitts away from the green. He was even photographed with it on the red carpet for the premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in 2014! Cheeky Bilbo!
Pineapple Express or Panda Express?

2. Seth Rogen. Funnyman and 37-year-old-virgin Seth Rogen brings some with him to every job, going so far as to request an odour-proof trailer so as not to disturb fellow cast-mates with that recognisable, pungent smell. Guess Seth is superbad after all…

Image result for sam allardyce
Allardyce, pictured exchanging cash for noodles.

3. Sam Allardyce. The ex-England manager had to leave his Everton gig last year due to his Pot addiction.

Would the world look the same today if Franz liked Fray Bentos pies instead?

4. Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Empire had several noodles in his car when he was assassinated in 1914, precipitating the outbreak of the First World War.

The Boys see a Pot Noodle behind the photographer.

5. Franz Ferdinand, the band. Yes, even Scottish rock legends fell to the seductive sway of Pot Noodle. I guess they ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ hungry for more Pot Noodle! Greedy buggers.

‘Arrghooo grgharghglearghhhh’

6. Sean Dyche. The Burnley Boss is so impatient he downs the entire cup as soon as the water is poured, with rock-hard noodles and scalding water giving him his trademark deep voice.

Noodle holding the pasta product.

7. Noodle, from Gorillaz. The lead-guitarist from Damon Albarn outfit Gorillaz stays true to her name in her choice of snack. According to a source close to the artist, it makes her ‘Feel Good’.

Look out for POT holes, Phil.

8. Prince Phillip. Yes, you read that right. Royal Consort Prince Phillip is partial to the product’s chicken and mushroom variety! It reminds him of his upbringing in the Weimar Republic, God bless his ‘soul’.

‘Eyy, David Luigi my spaghetti has a horse in it! Babadee babada!

9. Marcos Alonso. In Chelsea teammate Eden Hazard’s autobiography, Occupational Hazard: Hazard a Guess, the Chelsea defender was revealed to be a pothead! His agent refused to comment, but we suspect that he could manslaughter one of these bad boys quicker than most footballers.

Article by Marijuana Ganja-Blunt


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