A Good Dan is Hard to Find

by Spaniel Yolk

The Worst:

10) Dan Sturridge (footballer)

9) Lieutenant Dan (soldier)

8) Danger (noun)

7) ‘Mmm Danone’ (jingle)

6) Dan Baron (boy)

5) Dandruff (skin flakes)

4) OJ Simpson (murderer)

3) Dan Brown (‘author’)

2) Redundant (Seed’s Dad)

1) Dan Radcliffe (boy wizard)

The Best:

10) Danny Brazil (who on earth is Danny Brazil?)

9) Dandrew Garfield (Spider-Man)

8) Dan de Lyon (local florist)

7) Ted Danson (actor)

6) Steely Dan (band)

5) Fourth-Dan (karate)

4) Danish Pastry (pastry)

3) Sudan (nation)

2) Dan Brühl (lover)

1) George Ezra (singer)

Roger Yolk is a bestselling author, concert pianist, and hunk of man meat from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Spaniel Yolk is his brother.

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