A Simple Treatise on the Upcoming Changes Regarding the Satyrical Content of These Most Industrious Pages

By Wesley Sipsmith

Changes to UK legislation are to come into force later this week regarding the publishing of satyrical writings.

Under current rules, there has been a risk of being sued for breach of copyright if media featuring Satyrs, Pans, Fauns or Tumnusses were used without the consent of ISIS, or The International Satyr Inclusion Society (formerly League).

But new changes means ISIS will allow the use of satyrical material so long as it does not contradict the guidelines laid out in new legislation sponsored by the British government.

The law will come into effect on 1 October.

The cloven-hooved council will only be able to sue if the use of Satyrs convey a discriminatory message.

“The only, and essential, characteristics of Satyrs are the goat-like legs or equine features, an affinity towards nature and revelry, and a spirituality akin to the orange-clad monks of Buddhist Tibet,” the EU rules state.

Image result for faun

Should this be legal? Art by regular contributor Arnold Böcker

In the past the complex regulations championed by ISIS have caused the downfall of many politicians. US Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton both referenced our furry baccherati while in public office, and were thus so removed.

Prior regulations ensured that satyrical media could only be published with a license, attainable through a long-winded application process and accompanied by a hefty charge. However, the view that Satyrs are an essential part of free expression and creativity has driven the change to the law.

Pulitzer Prize finalist Michael Crackson agreed the rules had been “quite restrictive” in his experience.

“It seems harder to do innocent mentions of anything to represent something that is part of our lives,” he told the BFG.

“Artists need to be protected, but recently there’s been an automated quality to some of the legal challenges.’

Wesley Sipsmith, Baron Northwick, co-editor of this humble publication and onetime Prime Minister of these British Isles.


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